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19. March 2007

User Interface Programming

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My articles fall into five main categories:

The entry for each article includes:

Speed Links

Documentation and code for extended range slider.

Documentation and code for splitter con­t­rol and dia­log resizing.

Online Articles

Revival of the Fattest: Why the browser is death to application usability.

Win­dows De­vel­oper’s Jour­nal

User Interface Design for Programmers (book review)

Win­dows De­vel­oper Maga­zine

Windows 2000: The Developer’s Challenge (Windows 2000 Botique)

[If you substitute XP for 2000 throughout, this article is as relevant as ever.]

Window Subclassing

Win­dows De­vel­oper’s Jour­nal

Enter With Care

Win­dows De­vel­oper’s Jour­nal

The Hourglass Cursor

Win­dows De­vel­oper’s Jour­nal


Ikke åpent nok (in Norwegian)

Teknisk Ukeblad

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