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26. August 2003

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Here is a list of all the book reviews I’ve written. All one of them.

There are brief comments on some other books in the Resources page.

1 User Interface Design for Programmers

by Joel Spolsky

Windows De­vel­oper Maga­zine, January 2002

This is an introduction to the key prin­ci­ples of user in­ter­fa­ce design. It is short enough that you can get through it in one eve­ning; it is well enough written that this is a pleasure rather than a chore; it is comprehensive enough to cover the fundamentals.

In ad­di­tion to being useful, user in­ter­fa­ce design is also fun. Clearly Joel thinks so, and he puts across his enthusiasm won­der­fully. His writing style is relaxed, in­for­mal, and hu­mor­ous.

User Interface Design for Programmers is in full color, richly illustrated and highly recommended. It is also available online at

The full review is also available on the WDM Web site.

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